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Best fashion Influencers And Bloggers in India

Before we start talking about best fashion influencers and bloggers in India, let’s talk about fashion first. What were the similarities between Roman and Egyptian cultures? Well, I am no historian but I do know that clothing and fashion was a status symbol in both the cultures. Maybe it all started when humans started wearing cloths that were made of plant leaves, bones or skins of animals. And like all things, it progressed and developed into a multi-billion dollar industry that today it is.

What used to be a dire need to save people from harsh climate and surroundings, became a statement that was based on social and economic parameters of the culture. Even though fashion trends come and go, it is almost certain that the industry is only going to boom as more and more people come out of poverty in developing countries. Since fashion changes and grows with people and culture, it is also evident that marketing techniques are going to change as we progress and become more dependent on technology.

As soon as influencer marketing came into the picture, brands found a fresh way to connect with their prospective buyers. Social media platforms not only helped them to connect with the audience but also to showcase their product and create a positive review about it. Influencers even helped some of the luxury brands become more approachable and consumer friendly.

So we are going to talk about how fashion influencing works and who are some of the best fashion influencers you need to follow. Even if you are a marketer, I would suggest you to stay till the very end so you get to know who you should look forward to work with.

What is fashion influencing all about?

A recent study done by The Shelf revealed that around 92% of the petential buyers trust the recommendations of other people. You must have experienced something like this when a salesperson tells you that you look good in an attire you are just trying, you tend to purchase that. It stands true for influencer marketing as well. Though these influencers don’t know us personally, we still trust their choices and recommendations. eMarketer published a study where they found that brands earned $6.85 for a dollar spent on influencer marketing campaigns. Isn’t is crazy that you are getting back almost 7 times what you are spending on marketing?

You see, these influencers act as a mutual friend between us and the brands. They endorse what they love and we listen to them. We are not only awestruck when we see our favorite people using those products, but we make a decision to go find something like that. It is in our human nature and that’s where fashion influencing plays a major role.

People like Chiara Ferragni and Cole Sprouse not only can connect with their audience(in millions), but also put forward brand’s story in the best way possible. So let’s go ahead and see who are some of the notable fashion influencers and bloggers in India.

Who are the best fashion influencers and bloggers in India?

Fashion blogging in India has been around for a while now,and there are a plethora of bloggers to follow, if you’re into that sort of thing. Indian fashion bloggers have a great sense of style, and they’re not afraid to experiment with new trends. If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration or looking to promote your brand with the help of them, you can go ahead with them-


  • Komal Pandey – With over 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, Komal Pandey is definitely the one to follow and work with. This Delhi based influencer has shown everybody that she is no less than any Bollywood celebrity and has worked with brands like Swrovski, L’Oreal Paris, Myntra, Amazon and Meta.


  • Aashna Shroff- Aashna Shroff is a Mumbai-based fashion and lifestyle blogger. She started her blog, The Snob Journal, back in 2009, and she’s since become one of the most popular fashion bloggers in India. Aashna’s blog is a great source of fashion inspiration, and she often posts outfit photos and shopping guides. With brands like Louis Vuitton, CHARLES & KEITH and L’Oreal Paris under her belt, she is definitely one to follow and work with.


  • Kritika Khurana- Kritika Khurana is a Delhi-based fashion blogger who started her blog, That Boho Girl, in 2014. Kritika has a great sense of style, and she knows how to put together unique and stylish outfits. Her blog is a great source of fashion inspiration for girls who want to experiment with their style.


  • Masoom Minawala- Masoom Minawala is a Mumbai-based fashion blogger and entrepreneur. She started her blog, Miss Style Fiesta, in 2010, and it has since become one of the most popular Indian fashion blogs. Masoom’s blog is a great source of fashion inspiration for Indian women who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.


  • Niti Shah- Niti Shah is a Mumbai-based entrepreneur andfashion blogger. She started her blog, Confessions of a Closet Shopaholic, in 2013. Niti’s blog is all about affordable fashion, and she often posts outfit photos and shopping guides on her website. If you’re looking for budget-friendly fashion inspiration from India, then Niti Shah is the blogger you should be following.


  • Ankita Srivastava- Ankita Srivastava is a Lucknow-based lawyer turned Fashion Consultant & Brand Manager turned Fashion Blogger & YouTuber behind Corallista – one stop destination for all beauty & makeup lovers that started in 2009 . Ankita’s motto in life is “look good feel good”. Her goal with Corallista has always been twofold – firstly, to make sure that Indian girls have access to makeup & beauty product reviews, beauty tips, tutorials inspired by International trends right here at home secondly, to create original content encouraging girls everywhere to be their own kind of beautiful .


What makes them the best in the industry?

What makes fashion influencers and bloggers the best in the industry? There are many factors such as originality, content, niche, audience, and much more.

When it comes to fashion, India is a land of contradictions. On one hand, you have the traditionalist and modest clothing worn by a majority of the population. On the other hand, you have the glamorous and often outrageous styles seen in Bollywood movies and on the streets of Mumbai or Delhi.

Then there are the fashion bloggers and influencers who occupy a middle ground between these two extremes. These style-savvy men and women have managed to carve out a niche for themselves by curating a mix of both traditional and modern looks on their social media platforms.

As a marketer, how can you benefit from fashion influencers

If you work for a fashion brand be it of any size or presence, you need to start working on your next influencer marketing campaign right away. Since more than 65% of the brands are already working in this influencer marketing space, you will be left far behind if you don’t act on it right away. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from working with these social media stars.

  • These influencers can help you to understand the audience better and share your story through a trusted name. Also, you can get an idea about what people have to say about your product. This feedback goes a long way.
  • It has been seen, specially for the luxury brands, that sometimes these influencers were able to create a need for your products. Once your brand story starts spreading on social media through some of these influencer, the need to have that product multiplies drastically.
  • Moreover, once you start working with micro and nano influencers, you will unlock a part of the audience that wasn’t available for your brand through any other marketing channel.
  • The control that you have on your CTA can bring your brand towards sales, awareness or branding however you like. Once you have set your goals, these influencers will help you to create content around that story and connect with the audience accordingly.


Now that we have discussed in length all about fashion influencers and how they are playing a vital role in fashion brands’ marketing strategy, let me know if you still have any query and I will be happy to answer them all. In hope to bring you much more blogs like this, signing off for today as I need to go shopping for a traditional attire. Wink Wink!