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Well Run Twitter Influencer Marketing campaign Can Make Your Brand Go Viral.

Why Twitter Marketing?

Create Buzz

Consumers look for Twitter for user feedback and sentiments towards brands and services.

Increase Followers

Building a Twitter following gets easier with Influencer Marketing.

Build Perception

People build positive opinions towards brands endorsed by influencers.

Customer Trust

There is no better way to earn trust than having influencers by your side.

Our Twitter Influencer Marketing Process

1. Research

Our team researches about your existing brand reputation on Twitter - its engagement and followers and figure out the target audience and prepare a report based on that.

2. Strategize

We prepare a strategy and find suitable twitter influencers who are a perfect match for your brand. We check their content, followers and engagement to make sure they fit with your profile.

3. Review

We discuss and take approval of our Twitter influencer marketing strategy with you before beginning its execution. Our strategy will include influencer name, budget and promotional type.

4. Execute

Now you have to just sit back and relax. Our team will connect with the influencer with the provided details and get the things done.

How We Deliver Results On Twitter

Brand-aligned Content

Video SponsorShip

Live & Stories

In-video Brand Integration

Contests & GiveAwaYs

Promotional Images/Videos


Online News and Social Network Services


$2Bn Ad Revenue

Twitter Ad revenues are $2Bn every year

Tweet Engagement

According to marketers and owners, celebrities and icon tweets have major engagement and influence

Most Popular Platform

Twitter is the most popular platform among celebrities and icons. Twitter has major influence over businesses and VP’s as compared with other platforms. 

Interest Based Targeting

When targeted with an interest-based campaign, Twitter  brings more engagement than any other platform 


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21 March 2006




Jack Dorsey

Popular Nihces

Food 95%
Fashion 89%
Games 88%
Entertainment 94%
Dating 96%

Influencers We Work With

Celebs & Personalities

These influencers are celebrities, actors, sports personalities, having wide fan following easily clocking 1M+ fanbase. Their followers are generally diverse and not very targeted or niche-specific. Great for building brand image.

Pro Influencers

Pro influencers are creators or professionals of a specific niche. They are talented artists and creators, who have proven their might by building a highly targeted and sizeable online influence, anywhere from 100K to 10M fans

Niche Experts

Micro influencers are professional experts dedicated to specific micro-niche, resulting in a laser-sharp fanbase. Their following may not be massive (20K-200K) but their audience engagement and conversion rates are the highest.

"Twitter Influencer Marketing works Amazingly Well for Businesses Targeting Urban Demography"

Prashant Sharma,
Founder & CEO, PRchitects

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