Top 20 Influential People in Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing continues to be one of the most powerful forms of marketing today. There are thousands of influencers on all the popular platforms. Below, we list the top 30 influential people that you need to know:

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

A prolific writer and equally astute entrepreneur, he rose to the top by launching a YouTube channel for his wine company. So far, his business has grown to 60 million USD, although his other assets are valued at a whopping 160 million USD!

2. Susan Wojcicki

Now CEO of YouTube, she was also the one to push for Google’s 1.65 billion acquisition of the popular streaming platform.  Today, she makes all the key decisions for the company and its users.

3. Lara Daniel

CEO and co-founder of Pulse Management and Pulse Advertising which is a leader in the influencer marketing industry. She was named one of the most influential people in marketing by Forbes.

4. Mike Henry

He is the CEO of OpenSlate that provides premium content analytics to advertisers understanding the complexity of the social video. His strong suits include sales, software, digital media, and product development. His company was named among the top tech upstarts in 2017 by Business Insider.

5.Nash Grier

He started his career on Vine and then moved to develop apps for social media and games. He has over 10 million followers on Instagram and is regarded as one of the top influencers in the industry today.

6. Desi Perkins

A popular name in the makeup art industry on the Internet. She has over 3.9 million followers on Instagram. She offers some of the best tutorials on applying lipstick in the correct manner, donning Halloween make up, etc. What’s more, top celeb Kim Kardashian herself has worked with her in the past to promote her line of KKW products.

7. Meghan Rienks

Actress and foodie, she started her career as an influencer by launching a YouTube channel in 2010 through which she shared some of the most interesting parts of her life with others.  Today, she has a massive following and sees her fan base growing faster than ever.

8. Jiri Kupiainen

Founder and CEO of Matchmade which is one of the best influencer marketing platforms. He is a well-known panelist and speaker at industry events. He is also one of the most influential personalities in the gaming industry and part of Shark punch, a platform that suggests games to the users based on their history.

9. Minter Dial

Founder of Myndset company and now Digitalproof Consultancy Ltd., he is a well-known speaker on leadership, new marketing techniques, and the world of the Internet. He is also the author of the book “Futureproof; Get Your Business Ready for The Next Disruption”.

10. Mari Smith

Also called the “Queen of Facebook”, she is a reputed social media marketer who has helped numerous brands. She is also a popular speaker and author of the book “The New Relationship Marketing: How to Build a Large, Loyal, Profitable Network Using the Social Web” and co-author of “Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day”.

11. Jason A Miller

Global content marketing expert and specialist in B2B marketing, Jason A Miller is known for his practical insights into new-age marketing. He is also a gifted photographer and author of the book “Welcome to the Funnel”.

12. Shane Barker

There are few people in the influencer marketing industry who wouldn’t know about Shane Barker. He is a keynote speaker at the Influencer Marketing Days Conference, co-instructor of Influencer Marketing at UCLA for MBA programs, and also a key contributor at Forbes, INC, Salesforce, and Huffington Post.

13. Tonio Skits

There are few people who are as good with comedic content as Tonio Skits is. He gets over 50 million monthly impressions on all his social media accounts combined, and he is also a member of HARTBeat Digital Productions that belongs to Kevin Hart.

14. Yuli Ziv

Author of the best-selling book “Blogging Your Way to the Front Row”, she is also the founder of Style Coalition. She found herself in the limelight in 2007 when the launched a unique user-generated magazine called “My It Things” and her success made Folio magazine name her as one of the top women in media.

15. Kevin Hart

There are plenty of good stand-up comedians and actors today. However, Kevin Kart has a unique style that has won the hearts of millions of people across the globe. Perhaps, that’s why his YouTube channel Laugh Out Loud is so popular and used by other brands to promote their products with influencer marketing techniques.

16. Andrew Graham

Noticed and picked by the CA along with Connor Franta and Ricky Dillon, he is a top influencer in talent management. He achieved massive success with the O2L and helped in pushing their talent to the next level.

17. Evangeline Leong

Founder of Kobe Global Technologies that brings advertisers and influencers together, she is a winner of Millennial 20-20 Accenture Consumer Innovation Awards. You will also find her at many public speaking events.

18. Claire Collins

Board member of Women in Influencer Marketing, she has become of the top managers in the US who has a lot of knowledge about promoting women-oriented brands with the help of online influencers.

19. Dr. Mona Vand

Dr. Mona might be a good pharmacist, but she is more popularly known as a digital influencer. She was behind the Modern Pharmacist movement that encourages patients across the globe to understands the relationship between wellness and pharmaceutical science and was also featured on NBC.

20. James Nord

Owner of marketing platform Fohr which brings influencers and brands closer, Nord is also known for this passion for alcohol. He operates the YouTube channel called “Drinks With James” in which he talks about the industry and even hosts interviews sometimes.

Want to Work with Influencers?

Influencer marketing is quite popular and you can find thousands of influencers in different niches. However, it takes time to find the ones that are perfect for your brand and then get them on board for the promotion of your products and services. If you want faster and better results, then the best option is to work with an influencer marketing services provider that has years of experience in the industry.

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