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Startup Marketing - PRchitects
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PRchitects is a new-age PR Agency for start-ups and small businesses which was founded with the goal of empowering nascent start-ups with quality PR services at affordable rates. If you are running an early-stage start-up and looking for improving your visibility, we can offer you the most effective digital marketing solutions to increase your brand reputation.


We help you handle all your startup marketing needs through the creation of effective outbound and inbound marketing content which is designed to boost your lead generation. We are focused on improving your brand’s visibility and help you enhance the sales and overall revenue. With more than 30,000 media relationships and a team of experienced PR consultants, we can organize the most effective marketing campaigns to increase your brand recognition among prospective customers. As a PR agency, we can assist you in positioning your product in the market and create a positive image of your product among potential customers.

Our start-up marketing campaigns are comprised of various techniques including,

  1. Online Reputation Management
  2. Press Release Promotion
  3. Complete Digital PR
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Brand Recognition of Trusted Publications


Our start-up marketing programs follow a holistic approach and we take a 360° view of your start-up’s business strategy to ensure that our campaigns are designed to align with your business goals. Our PR consultant will first discuss with the founder and other key stakeholders to get an understanding of your start-up’s vision, target audience and competitors to come up a suitable marketing strategy.


Online Reputation Management


Our Online Reputation Management services are intended to control the online search results and blocking any misleading, outdated or inaccurate information which can adversely impact your brand image among potential customers. We ensure that your start-up brand has a positive outlook on various social media channels, news sites and blogs. We try to get rid of all the fake reviews and false information about your start-up’s brand on social media sites or search results and help in building your online reputation through our powerful influencers and bloggers.


Content marketing


Our team of experienced in-house content writers will develop unique and relevant content that reflects your brand voice to the prospective customers. We will find the right targeted keywords which will be used by the target audience to search for products/service related to your start-up. Then we develop unique content which gets published on authoritative websites with good backlink profile. This will generate quality inbound links for your start-up’s website and drive more organic traffic.


We specialize in Search Engine Optimization techniques and Pay-Per-Click advertising which is an effective marketing tool to generate sales-ready leads. Our white-hat SEO techniques can boost your search engine ranking and bring more visitors to your start-up’s website. This includes in-depth analysis to find the right target keywords based on the demographics of your audience and link-building based on quality metrics such as DA score, MoZ Rank, Trust Flow etc.


We create compelling stories about your start-up which talks about interesting announcements such as new product launches or other significant milestones. Once we have a newsworthy announcement for your start-up, we create a press release which is then distributed across various channels to top influencers, publications and online forums. Our creative team of writer create interesting stores to make your start-up’s brand popular among the masses. Our content marketing including publishing guest posts with compelling stories about your start-up on authoritative blogs and websites.


Digital PR

We have a knowledgeable team of PR consultants who can organize creative and powerful PR campaigns which can go viral and get the desired attention from top publications and media at the right time. As a well-established PR agency with more than 30,000 media partners and relationships with top publications, influencers and bloggers, we can organize creative and powerful PR campaigns to create the right kind of buzz for your start-up. We have the right PR tools and tie-ups with top publications to find great marketing opportunities for your brand.  We can enhance the brand visibility of your start-up through or multi-channel approach.


Press Release Promotion


Newsletters and press releases are important elements of start-up marketing which will help in spreading the word about your brand to users across the globe. Our writers can create powerful Press Releases with enriching content which we will market through various social media channels, email marketing campaigns and other methods. We will use persuasive language to inspire your potential customers and spread a positive word about your brand through Press Release promotion.


Social media marketing is another key technique which we use to increase the visibility of your start-up’s brand. We create exciting social media posts that will engage your target audience and increase the conversion rates. Our social media posts help you to generate leads and increase the exposure of your brand among potential customers. We choose the social media platform based on which is used extensively by your target audience and organize our campaigns.


We use Google analytics and other monitoring tools to constantly evaluate the performance of our marketing campaigns. This helps us to make changes to the strategies based on the results we achieve. We take care of overall online brand management for your start-up which includes managing your social media pages, PR relations and promotional campaigns. We use guest blogging techniques to publish interesting articles related to your start-up on various high-quality blogs with excellent DA. We also organize relationship building meetings with top influencers, journalists and publishers to bridge the gaps between your start-up and target media.

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