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Awesome experience with PRchitects, We got featured in good publications. They delivered as they promised and thumbs up to their support team.
Dustin Jefferson
We have tried many PR platforms which are costly and comes with no guarantee quality coverage. We believe in quality and they matched our expectations. Go for it!
Liam Doolan
Comb IT
Fantastic! They created some of the best story angles, their booster plus plan helped me to get covered on few app review sites. Happily Recommend it to fellow entrepreneurs.
Mateen Mohammed
We were doing submissions on our own but not getting quality responses. We tried Startup Booster and it helped in creating buzz around Tubalytics.
Alex Samoylenko

Why Choose Our Publisher Management Service

Higher Earnings​

When enquiries are professionally handled by experienced industry professionals, negotiations settle at 50% higher value, compared with unmanaged influencers. Hence, “managed Influencers” end up earning more money per deal than self-managing.

Full transparency​

We manage deal negotiations through a dedicated professional email address and share email’s full access with you so you can keep track of the conversations by yourself and make sure that everything stays 100% transparent. ​

Free service, No obligations

You will be assigned a dedicated manager at no monthly cost and you will receive bi-weekly report on the work done for you as well. Our incentive will be 20% success fee, that too on successful deals. You are free to terminate the relationship if you don’t find it rewarding enough as you’re not bound by any contract.

Zero hassle​

As you will not have to attend to inquiries, calls, multiple followups, negotiations, you will focus on what you do best, creating awesome videos and let the business side, managed by professionals, fully accountable to you. ​

"Publisher Management Services Will Help You Focus on The Creating The Content You Love"

Prashant Sharma,
Founder & CEO, PRchitects

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