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Tailor Brands

About This Project

Often we come across different clients with their specific requirements catering to new market segments which make our work challenging every day. Tailor Brands is one such interesting client who reached us with their unique marketing requirements for improving their brand’s visibility. Tailor Brands is an innovative AI-based branding platform which uses advanced machine learning to create exciting logos and other marketing elements for start-ups and small businesses.


The Aim

Tailor Brands wanted to reach their target audience across the globe and increase their sales. The goal of our PR campaign is to increase the visibility of the customer’s product and drive organic traffic from prospective customers which can help them grow their business.


The Challenges

The main challenge we faced was to increase the awareness about AI based logo maker in the field which is dominated by human designers. Online Branding is not that much popular among the common people.


How can they match the expectation of human?


How did we think to tackle the problem?


How we filter out the keywords & how we plan ahead?


The other challenge we faced during Tailor Brands marketing campaign was finding out the right publications.  Also, we focused on finding out websites which are purely related to graphics design and not related to art or other categories.


This was a major challenge as we had to focus on finding the right websites to promote Tailor Brands product.  Since the client is an AI-based branding platform and we had to collaborate with websites which were created by human designers, it created a conflict of interest in some cases which was also a challenge in our PR campaign.


The Objective:

These were the objectives of our PR campaign,

  • To position Tailor Brands as one of the leading AI logo maker in the world.
  • To create awareness about their products among new customers.
  • Business & growth strategy


The Strategy


We have an experienced team of PR consultants who have good relationships with more than 30000 media partners including key publishers, journalists, bloggers and influencers from various sectors across the globe. They work on creating effective stories and PR strategies. We connected with various influential journalists and bloggers to promote Tailor Brands.


Step 1: Initial Audit of Customer’s Website and Competitor Analysis

Our client Tailor Brands approached us with their requirement to drive more traffic to their website and get more eyeballs from prospective customers. Our first step was to evaluate the existing content on the client’s website and look for the potential keywords.


We also did a competitor analysis and the marketing techniques used by companies having similar products as that of Tailor Brands. This includes finding out the search keywords and backlink profiles used by the competitors.


Step 2: Creating Compelling Stories


Our team of writers crafted compelling stories to make Tailor Brands popular among masses. We actively pitched story ideas and created engaging content to gain the attention of target audience.


Step 3: Announcements


We made sure to make formal announcements about all the new product launches and developments of Tailor Brands through the distribution of press releases and newsletters. This helped us create a sense of awareness about their brands among the target audience.


Step 4: Content Marketing and Outreach


Our plan was to add valuable content with key search terms to optimize the website. We have a team of experienced in-house writers who work on creating quality and genuine content with targeted keywords. We focused on creating engaging content related to the customer’s product after an in-depth analysis of the search terms and target audience.


Our strategy was to find the right target keywords which are being used by potential customers to search the products/services offered by Tailor Brands.  The content was published across various high-quality publications to increase the visibility and brand reputation of our customer.  We also publish engaging content in various online forums, social media platforms and directories to attract traffic to our client’s website.


Step 6: Guest Articles


We contributed guest articles and blog posts to various websites to increase the visibility of Tailor Brands.


Step 7:  Leveraging High Influence Connections


To bridge the gap between Tailor Brands and target media, we organized various relationship building meetings with top influencers and journalists to publicize and spread the word about Tailor brands.


The Results

Over a period of our marketing campaign, our client Tailor Brands witnessed a constant increase the number of visitors to their website. The results we achieved are as below,


  1. 120% increase year-on-year in organic traffic to Tailor Brands website
  2. Increased search engine ranking and brand awareness about the customer.

We did continuous monitoring and performance analysis of our campaign using Google Analytics and various other tools. This helped us get an insight into the visitor behaviour and modify our content marketing strategies whenever required. Overall, our client was very much impressed by our campaign results and their business had grown reasonably well.


PRchitects is a modern PR agency dedicated to start-ups and small businesses. Our PR services have a powerful impact on brand positioning and we strive hard to achieve organic traffic, better engagement and help your business grow by using various techniques. As an established PR agency with more than 30,000 media partners and relationships with various publishers, we are well-positioned to guarantee excellent ROI for our marketing campaigns which are customized according to the requirements of each client.


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Tailor Brands

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