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About This Project

Our client Karamba is an online casino which is owned by Aspired Global Technologies Limited. It is a licensed casino which is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and offers a wide range of online casino games like Video slots, Blackjack, Roulette etc. They also offer a mobile gaming platform which allows gamblers to enjoy the casino games while they are on the go.


The Aim

The goal of our marketing campaign is to help our client increase their brand awareness and drive more audience to their website. Through our PR campaigns, we aim to spread the word about Karamba among millennials and gamblers who are prospective customers.


The Challenges

The challenge which Karamba faced as an online casino was winning the trust of potential customers and to increase their brand value. Since the client is a Casino website, it was difficult to convince the top publishers in accepting content related to gambling.


How can we make Karamba popular among millennials and professional gamblers?


How to spread the word rise above similar online casinos?


How we choose the right targeted keywords & how to plan the PR campaign?

We had a tough time finding out the right targeted websites which were ready to accept content related to Casinos. It was difficult to convince the publishers to accept the content related to gambling and Casinos as they were concerned about the legality of gambling in their jurisdiction. Also, creating relevant content which will be engaging and interesting for their target audience was equally challenging.  The content has to shed a positive light on online gambling which might not be fascinating to readers across all age-groups.


The Objective:

These were the objectives of our PR campaign,

  • To position Karamba as one of the leading online casinos in the world.
  • To create awareness about various online games and promotional offers of Karamba among millennials and professional gamblers.
  • Business & growth strategy


The Strategy

As an established PR agency with more than 30000 media partners, we first identified influential bloggers and journalists to write relevant stories and blog posts which can increase the visibility of Karamba’s online casino games. Our team of experts worked on creating effective PR strategies with blogger outreach techniques.  We used a combination of SEO, PPC, PPM, Social media, retargeting, blogger outreach, public relations and content marketing techniques to achieve the goals of our customer.

Step 1: Initial Review and Information Seeding

When our client approached us with their requirement to increase their website traffic and drive more audience to their website, we first did a complete audit of their website content and backlink profile. We gathered all the necessary information required and bridged the communication gaps by introducing the company to the relevant media. We also did a competitor analysis to study the marketing techniques used by similar online casinos. This helped us to find out the content marketing strategies used by the competitors.


Step 2: Announcements

As a first step to introduce Karamba’s brand amongst general masses, we made formal announcements about the new online games and other promotional offers through press releases and newsletters. This helped us create a sense of awareness about Karamba’ s brand to new customers.


Step 3: Compelling Stories

To establish the brand presence, we created compelling stories about Karamba which will be of interest to the target audience who are especially gamblers and millennials. We created interesting stores with infographics which talk about the benefits of Online gambling over traditional casinos.


Step 4: Content Marketing and Outreach

Our content marketing services are focused on turning the visitors of the client’s website into satisfied customers. We used various Research tools to check the quality metrics before choosing any website for publishing content.


Before creating any content for publishing, our content strategist will work with the client to understand what category of topics will resonate with their target audience. This includes deciding on the type of content whether its eBook, blog posts, newsletter, press releases, infographics etc. Since the target audience of our client were mostly millennials and professional gamblers, we decided to create customized content which will be interesting for them.  The content was published across various high-quality authoritative websites and social media channels which helped to increase the brand awareness of Karamba among professional gamblers.


Step 5:  Social Media Marketing Campaigns

We also conducted various campaigns to improve the profile of the customer’s website. By distributing quality content with targeted keywords among authoritative websites, we generated leads to Karamba’s website. We also conducted social media marketing campaigns through Facebook and Twitter to improve the online visibility of the customer’s brand.


Step 6: Guest Articles

We contributed guest articles and blog posts to various high authority websites to increase the visibility of Karamba


Step 7: Leveraging High Influence Connections

To bridge the gap between Karamba and target media, we organized various relationship building meetings with top influencers and journalists to create the right buzz needed for the client.


The Results

After our SEO campaign, Karamba witnessed a significant boost in the number of users visiting their website. We were able to achieve the following results from our PR campaigns,


  1. It helped to boost the search engine ranking of Karamba and the get more visitors from organic sources. The number of daily visitors increased by more than 23% in 3 months.
  2. The number of new user sign-ups increased from 4% to 15% within 5 months of our campaign process.
  3. The average CTR (Click-Through-Rate) increased by 15% after the SEO campaign.


We used Google analytics and various monitoring tools to constantly evaluate the performance of our PR campaign. This helped us get an insight into the user behaviour and modify our content marketing strategies whenever required. Overall, Karamba was able to increase their sales leads and felt satisfied with the results we were able to achieve for them through our PR campaign.


We design our campaigns with the goal of helping our client connect with their target audience and build their brand reputation.  We also provide social media marketing and blogger outreach services to drive better engagement and maximize the conversion rate. It is such challenging clients who add a valuable feather to our cap and we continue offering the best PR solutions for start-ups and small businesses.


PRchitects is a new-age PR agency with more than 30,000 media partners including international journalists, publishers and bloggers across the globe. We help start-ups and small businesses improve their media presence by offering quality PR services at affordable rates.


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