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About This Project

Our client Bitdefender is a Romanian cybersecurity and anti-virus software company which offer security solutions for both personal and enterprise needs. They have a wide range of products including Internet Security, Mobile Security, VPN software, Smart Home Security, Antivirus etc. and have more than 500 million users across the globe.



Our Goal

The client approached us with an aim to build their brand awareness and connect with new customers, generate sales leads and expand their business. The goal of our PR services is to help our client Bitdefender’s brand get a positive reputation among potential customers and to boost the organic traffic to their website.



The Challenge


The challenge of Bitdefender was to rise above the slew of competitors who offer similar security products and to reach out to potential customers. These were the questions we had in our mind when we took this challenge.

How to reach their target audience?


How to make Bitdefender rise above competitors having similar products?


How to filter out the right keywords and How to plan our PR strategy?

The major challenge we faced during the marketing campaign of Bitdefender was finding out the right targeted websites.  We had to find out websites that can publish technical content which details about the Antivirus and VPN software products of Bitdefender.


Also, creating relevant content which will be engaging and comprehensible for their target customers was a major challenge as not all customers might be able to understand the technical details of the security products.  The content has to shed a positive light on the security products of the client and at the same time be interesting for average users without much technical background.  Since the client had a lot of new products and software updates getting released frequently, it was challenging to create relevant content with targeted keywords that explain about these new products in simple terms.


The Objective:


These were the objectives of our PR campaign,

  • To position Bitdefender as one of the leading security products vendor in the world.
  • To create awareness about their security products among general masses.
  • Highlight the Business & growth strategy of Bitdefender through proper communication channels.


The Strategy


Step 1: Initial Review and Competitor Analysis

When our client approached us with their requirement to increase the website traffic and promote their brand, we first did a complete audit of the customer’s website, their product portfolio and existing customer base. Our knowledgeable team of PR consultants and outreach experts with media relationships of more than 30000 channel partners identified the influential journalists and bloggers to write relevant stories and blog posts which can increase the visibility of Bitdefender’s products. They worked on creating effective PR and content strategies with powerful and engaging content.


We also did a competitor analysis and the marketing techniques used by companies having similar products as that of Bitdefender. This includes finding out the search keywords used by the competitors. Our plan was to publish valuable content with key search terms to generate quality leads to the client’s website.


Step 2: Crafting Compelling Stories

We designed unique content to portray the success stories of our client in offering successful end-to-end security solutions to various customers across the globe. We focused on creating engaging content related to the Bitdefender’s security products which will also be interesting to the target audience.


Step 3: Announcements

We made sure to make formal announcements about all the new security product launches and developments of Bitdefender through the distribution of press releases and newsletters. We used email marketing to spread the word about new products launched by the client.


Step 4: Search Engine Optimization and Outreach


We aim to spread the word about Bitdefender’s product portfolio among prospective buyers and to increase their overall revenue through the rise in sales figures.


We used a combination of SEO, PPC, retargeting, social media, public relations and content marketing techniques to achieve the goals of our customer. We used various  Research tools to check the quality metrics before choosing any website for publishing content.


We also used Press releases and custom SEO-enriched posts to distribute content amongst geographically diverse audiences which can create good backlinks and generate sustained organic traffic to our client’s website.  We also conducted various link-building campaigns to improve the link profile of the customer’s website.

Step 5: Social Media Marketing and Blogger Outreach

Our blogger outreach and social media marketing campaigns are targeted to drive better engagement and help Bitdefender get more leads from social media. We convinced influential bloggers to publish interesting guest articles about the Bitdefender’s products on high-quality blogs.


We also have a team of professional writers who worked on creating authoritative content with targeted keywords describing Bitdefender’s latest product launches.  The content was published across various high-quality domains and online forums which helps increase the brand value of Bitdefender.  The content was also distributed through social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Step 6: Leveraging High Influence Connections

To bridge the gap between Bitdefender and target media, we organized various relationship building meetings with top influencers and journalists to publicize and create the right buzz for the client.


The Results


Since we started the PR campaign for Bitdefender, they were able to achieve a constant surge in the number of users visiting their website. We were able to achieve the following results from our aggressive marketing campaigns,


  • It helped to boost the search engine ranking and the get more visitors from organic sources.

We used Google analytics and various monitoring tools to constantly evaluate the performance of our PR campaign. This helped us get an insight into the user behaviour and modify our content marketing strategies whenever required. Overall, Bitdefender was delighted with the results we were able to achieve for them and they have been a faithful customer for us.

PRchitects is a modern PR agency dedicated to start-ups and small businesses. As an established PR agency with more than 30,000 media partners including international journalists, publishers and bloggers across the globe, we offer a broad spectrum of online public relations services.


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