How to Find Someone on Instagram by Picture

how to find someone on instagram by picture

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We all know the feeling. You’re scrolling through your feed, and you see a picture of someone you can’t quite place. But you know you’ve seen them before. And you really want to know who they are. Well, never fear! With a little bit of creative detective work, you can usually find someone on Instagram by picture pretty easily.


If you’re trying to find someone on Instagram by picture and don’t have their username, you can use a process of elimination to narrow down the possibilities. If you have at least one picture of the person you’re trying to find, and you know some of the things that they like or follow on Instagram, you may be able to Utilizing these pieces of information, you can search through Instagram’s vast database of users until you find the account belonging to the person you’re looking for.

How to find someone on Instagram by a picture

It is quite simple to find someone on Instagram by picture. Just enter the URL of the picture in the search bar and click on the “Search” button. This will bring up a list of all the people who have that same picture in their profile.

Tips for finding someone on Instagram by picture

If you have a picture of someone and you want to find them on Instagram, there are a few ways you can do that. If you have the person’s username, you can simply search for them via the search bar on Instagram. However, if you don’t have their username, things become a little more difficult.

One way to try and find someone on Instagram by picture is to do a reverse image search. This can be done via Google Images or TinEye. All you need to do is upload the image or provide the URL of the image, and these websites will try and find matching images across the internet. If the person you’re looking for has used that same image on other social media platforms or websites, there’s a chance one of these reverse image searches will bring up their account.

Another way to find someone on Instagram by picture is to use a social media search engine like Pipl or Social Catfish. These websites comb through various social media platforms (including Instagram) to try and find an account that matches the information (or picture) you’ve provided.

Finally, if all else fails, your best bet is to reach out to the person directly and ask if they’re on Instagram. They may not be comfortable sharing their username publicly, but they might be willing to direct message you with it if you explain why you’re trying to find them.

How to use Instagram to find someone

Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and log in.
Tap the “Search” icon (magnifying glass) at the bottom of the screen.
On the Search screen, tap the “Tags” tab at the top.
Enter a general search term into the “Search Tags” field at the top, such as “nature” or “fashion.” A list of popular tags will appear below.
Scroll through the list of tags and tap on one that you think might be associated with the person you’re looking for.
A new screen will open showing all photos that have been tagged with that particular tag. Scroll through these photos to see if you can spot the person you’re looking for.

How to find someone on Instagram without following them

There are a few different ways you can search for someone on Instagram without having to follow them first. One way is to use the “Search & Explore” function built into Instagram. To do this, open the app and click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, type in the person’s name or username into the search bar and press “Search.” If you see their profile come up in the results, you can click on it to view their page.

Another way you can find someone on Instagram by picture is by visiting a social media search engine like Pipl or Spokeo. These websites allow you to enter a person’s name or username and then scour the internet to find any social media profiles that match your query. So, if you enter a person’s name into Pipl and their Instagram profile comes up in the results, you can click on it to view their page.

Finally, if you have the person’s email address, you can try using that to find their Instagram profile. To do this, go to Instagram’s website and click on the “Log In” link at the top of the page. Then, enter the person’s email address into the Username or Email field and press “Log In.” If their account comes up, then you can click on it to view their profile.

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