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Top 5 Essential Productivity Tools for Small Businesses


The world of entrepreneurship is fiercely competitive. Doing more with fewer resources is what every business seeks in today’s fast paced society. In achieving this universal mission, technology plays a key role. With the advancement in the IT environment, productivity tools have moved ahead of where they were a few decades back.

You will find plenty of productivity tools for small businesses. There are tools that claim to increase business productivity. And, then there are tools that do so. This list will help you learn about the latter.

From effective team communication to empowering help desk solutions, here are five indispensable tools that every small business needs.



Slack is a communication platform, designed especially for Generation Y. This cloud-based team collaboration tool has redefined the way small businesses work together. With channels that streamline communication between employees, any business can benefit from Slack.

What makes the tool different, is that Slack channels enable not only file-sharing, calling, and messaging, but also a fantastic search option. It also integrates with several other apps for added funcionality. And yes, we can’t forget to mention Slack’s excellent feature to give your employees a “taco” as an appreciation gesture. Boosting productivity and employee morale? That’s certainly a hit!





IT Service Management can be complicated, especially for small businesses. SysAid to the rescue! A huge part of entrepreneurship involves around managing IT infrastructures and IT services with ease and efficiency. And that’s what SysAid helps with. This exceptional help desk software offers everything a business needs for effective IT service management.

Created with a vision to make the lives of IT professionals around the world easier, and to make their IT environments and IT service delivery better, SysAid has become a must have productivity tool for small businesses.

Whether you need a system for hassle-free ticket management, IT asset management, self-service, mobile device management, or password reset, SysAid can help your business in all these ways, and more.



All businesses need accounting. But, not all entrepreneurs can hire an accountant. In fact, the extremely interconnected business world of today leaves little to no time for bookkeeping, filing taxes, and everything in between. Accounting becomes difficult, and often takes a backseat. But, not anymore! Creating invoices, organizing expenses, tracking time, and enjoying automatic deposits, all this becomes quick and easy with FreshBooks.

Entreprenuers can decrease the time spent on accounting, and focus their efforts on expansion, thanks to this incredible tool which is highly intuitive. It also integrates with apps like Gusto, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Fundbox, etc. facilitating better financial management for any business.


Thrive Day Planner

Plans give direction to a business. Without proper planning, an entrepreneur is lost. Thrive Day Planner help entrepreneurs to make the most of their days by helping them plan better. A complete goal achievement system and a day designer, this productivity tool can help small businesses with goal setting, business strategy mapping, and even with organizing business operations.

It’s smart, user-friendly and neat interface can help entrepreneurs to not only set goals, but also stay on track and eventually achieve them. And the exciting feature of daily inspirational quotes from other entrepreneurs can give a boost to motivation, especially on days when it is needed the most.





Project management can prove to be complex, time-consuming and sometimes out-and-out exasperating. Entered Trello and changed the way projects were managed traditionally. For those who prefer visual organization above anything else, Trello is the perfect tool.

The mighty Trello board makes project organization quick and downright easy. From adding documents to creating checklists, adding labels, and doing a lot more – Trello does the work for you, making task structuring and tracking simple. Invite as many people to your board as you want, assign tasks, and check progress in real-time with this productivity tool.



Have you used any of these tools for your small business? Comment below to help modern-day businesses learn more about productivity tools that can benefit them in the long run.

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