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PRchitects is a new-age PR Agency for start-ups and small businesses which was founded with the goal of empowering nascent start-ups with quality PR services at affordable rates. We also specialize in App marketing and help businesses to promote their mobile apps among potential customers.


Since the smartphone revolution, the consumer behaviour has transformed at a rapid pace than ever imagine. Everything has changed including the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we book tickets after the introduction of Mobile Apps. Push notifications and Mobile Apps have become the most effective way for businesses to reach their target audience. We help businesses to position their mobile Apps among potential customers and create the right opportunities for them in this competitive market.


Before we come up with marketing ideas, our team of creative PR consultants take time to research about your App and target market, collaborate and brainstorm. They listen to your marketing needs carefully and understand your brand and the existing user base.  We create integrated App marketing campaigns based on a holistic approach to demand attention from the relevant audience.


Our multichannel approach to mobile app marketing helps us to reach your potential customers through different ways. This diversity enables us to achieve the scalability required for making your campaign a great success and to enhance the ROI. We have helped App based start-ups to increase the number of downloads significantly and generate quality leads for their business. We help you in addressing the top demands as an App-based business,

  1. Increasing the downloads from the relevant target audience
  2. Boost the sales and deliver exceptional ROI.


App Marketing Strategies


We follow various marketing strategies to increase your App’s visibility among potential customers. The techniques we follow include,

  1. Online Reputation Management
  2. Complete Digital PR
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Press Release Promotion


Online Reputation Management


We provide Online Reputation Management services to our customers to prevent any outdated or misleading information which can affect the reputation of your App among the target audience. We strive hard to create a positive outlook about your App through various online publications, social media channels, blogs and Press releases. We have tie-ups with influential bloggers and journalists who can help in building the online reputation for your App and gain the trust among your potential customers. We also work hard to eliminate the fake or negative reviews about your product which could be spread by your competitors.



Digital PR


We have a team of well-qualified and experience PR consultants who work hard to organize effective PR campaigns to spread a positive word about your App among your customers through various online forums. We follow a multi-channel approach and with tie-ups with more than 30,000 media partners and top publications, we can always get the desired attention needed from your target audience.  We leverage the use of traditional PR practices to generate excellent results by collaborating with influential journalists that your audience is listening to across various online forums, blogs, social media platforms etc.


Content Marketing


We have a team of professional writers who can create engaging and relevant content which talks about the various features of your App. We first do an in-depth analysis to find out the relevant target keywords which will be used by customers to search for your App. Then our writers will create engaging content about the App which will be published on authoritative websites with good backlink profile. We follow various white-hat SEO techniques to boost the ranking of your brand’s website among search engines.


We also help you establish a connection with top influencers and journalists to write advertorials and guest articles which are published on relevant sites and online forums. Whenever you have a new release for your App, we send promotional emails and newsletters to create the right kind of buzz needed for promoting your App.


Press Release Promotion

Newsletters and press releases are important elements of App marketing which can help to spread a positive word about your App and its features. Along with concise description of your App, we will add eye-catching screenshots to make the Press release more interesting to read. We can create quality Press Releases with engaging content that we distribute through various channels including emails marketing campaigns and social media forums.


With more than 30,000 media relationships and a team of experienced PR consultants, we can organize the most effective marketing campaigns to increase the visibility of your App among prospective customers. As an established PR agency, we can assist you in positioning your App in the right target market and create the attention from the target audience.  Through our successful App marketing campaigns, we have helped businesses to gain better ranking in App stores, increase the number of downloads and generate quality leads.

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