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With numerous emerging PR agencies, unsure about how to choose a PR agency? Don’t worry, the list below compiles a list of pre-requisites that will help you in hiring a suitable PR firm.

A PR agency acts as a bridge between the public and the company which strategically processes the communication and builds an advantageous relationship. A PR firm does the following;

  • Anticipates, analyses and interprets public opinions and issues impacting the operations of the organization.
  • Manages the counseling of policy decisions, action, and communication of an organization with respect to its public consequences.
  • Strategically executes the organization’s efforts to influence public policy.
  • Continuously researches and evaluates for better public understanding necessary for an organization’s growth and success.

Hiring a good PR agency is like a new partner to the organization who works on all the resources for successful communication with the target audiences. A good PR agency should offer integrated, creative and measurable public relations, social media, community relations, crisis communication and events planning services. It should be an expert in creating conversations and help facilitate positive brand perception.

So, the 5 must things to look in for a PR agency:


A PR agency not having a good track record can do no wonders for a new client. It is always beneficial to research about the company with which the agency has worked with to get a feel for its level of experience and its previous established results. Do look at the case studies from their previous PR coverage. Before approaching a firm, visit their websites, social blogs and see their reach, the kind of post they present.

If they seem well experienced only then think of approaching them. Make sure they are trying to convince you to hire them and not the other way around. In addition to having a good reputation, top PR agencies have unique approaches that get to the heart of the issue.


Most successful communication campaign is a combination of skills and expertise. The PR Firm you hire should understand what kind of business your brand is in. They should be completely versed with your industry and your standing in the market. The PR agency should understand the in and out of an organization’s work because well-founded advice is essential for long-term collaboration. The PR agency should be clear about how the market works, who are the competitors and what message from an organization can set it apart.

Hiring a specialist firm can be very advantageous as they have strong connections with the publications that your company wants to be published in. It also shows that the Firm is good at doing PR work for your type of business. The right field is ideal: You won’t get very far as a consumer care products company if the agency you hire is all about tech.


Although you want the best PR agency but cost matters too. The agency should be able to demonstrate value for money. Higher fees may not indicate higher quality. It could reflect high overheads. The cost may vary from very little to as much as you can afford.

There are some firms which work specifically with small businesses while the other firms work exclusively with highly reputed business clients. There is no limit for these as some companies can pay them millions of dollars per month. But affordable PRs does exist for medium-size enterprises. Ask them for performance-based pricing. So, before hiring a PR firm you should know your budget that depends on various factors.


An experienced PR firm possesses contacts with ambitious journalists, bloggers, influencers from various domains and this wide network are the connection available for the organization working with them. This can be an advantage as they are already acquainted with and know the type of journalist that will be best to write content for you. Size is the key for the client to have realistic expectations. Think of agencies that will think outside the box for your company and has a huge social and media relations.


An organization must clear all agreements and disagreements beforehand so that there won’t be any issue later on. Make sure they don’t make excuses for every work and you do get the expected result. Be in touch with them to share updates and ideas. Try to ask them weekly reports which include outlines of all the work performed.

A well-established PR firm complying with the above pre-requisites is PRchitects with 1000+ clients under its name with media relationships and clientele based out of US, UK, EU, and Asia. It is a 360-degree digital PR and marketing agency with an aim to help the startups and brands to complete their branding and marketing goals. It offers services such as online reputation management, online press coverage, and influencer marketing. Clients have a positive response after working with them.

How PRchitects work?

They will submit your website to 100+ publications and directories that will help in creating relevant footprints for a website. Its online media coverage will not only enhance website visibility but also improves SEO authority. As the majority of customers look for third-party reviews and online mentions of brands and companies. The organization will get featured on leading blogs which will help them earn backlinks and exposure among the audience.

PRchitects offer two pricing plans for the digital PR force at cost of $799/month and at $1499/month only and also offers special plans for boosting startups.

Before you hire a PR agency you have to take a little effort in choosing the right one for your organization. You definitely have every right to expect all the above from the PR firm. If a firm doesn’t seem to be abiding by any of the above-mentioned criteria, it’s better to search for a better one.  And like always, maintain healthy communication with the PR agency you hire. Openly talk about all the concerns, the company’s success depends a lot on it.

Make sure you like the team you are hiring. It’s really no different than hiring people to your own internal team. You want to be excited to work with them every day! Long term, public relations can be an investment in the brand and the visibility of a firm that results in increased recognition and reputation.

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