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On the surface, branding may seem like a simple process. However, a lot goes into creating a brand that stands out, has a reputation others can vouch for, and can launch high-end products with due justification.
Brand Loyalty, Killer Strategies to build loyalty
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5 Killer Strategies to Build Brand Loyalty Among Your Customers

On the surface, branding may seem like a simple process. However, a lot goes into creating a brand that stands out, has a reputation others can vouch for, and can launch high-end products with due justification.

To create a strong brand, you have to learn how to focus and identify your target audience, create a branding strategy under which you keep your messaging consistent through all channels, ensure the customer service is up to the mark, and a lot more.

Although there are many advanced platforms such as Tailor Brands that have made branding a lot easier and cheaper through Artificial Intelligence and other new-age technologies, there is still that needs to be done on your end to build and maintain a strong relationship with your customers.

If you are looking for an excellent strategy to build brand loyalty, then the following are the 5 of them to work with:


  1. Focus on Social Media

It’s no secret that social media has become the go-to place for communication and interaction for the majority of Internet users across the globe.  So, what better place to promote your brand and build customer loyalty other than Facebook, Twitter, and other similar platforms?

There are many ways you can improve brand reputation and customer loyalty on the social media. The most obvious items on your checklist should be becoming more active on these platforms and identifying your influencers.

The influencers are the social media users who have a large fanbase of their own, and can spread a positive message about your brand to boost its reputation.

Other ways to capitalize on social media from branding’s perspective include maintaining positive and personal interactions with your customers (these could be as simple as responding to their comments, private messages, etc.) and ensuring that the company heads are active on the platforms.

According to a BRANDfog survey, when the top executives of a company use social media, the customers develop increased confidence in the company.

  1. Improved Quality of Customer Service

Acquiring a single customer takes a lot of money and time. However, it can take just one delayed response or poorly put response to a customer query to compel them to switch to a different brand. In this, not only you lose business, you also get a dent in your brand reputation.

Take a look at all the famous brands across the world. You will notice that if there is one thing that’s common to them all, it’s that they offer exceptional customer service. They go out of their way to make sure that their customers have the best experience with using their products. They train their staff to treat their customers in a certain way, in a respectful and thankful way.

Small things like these go a long way in boosting customer loyalty.

  1. Revised Company Logo

When it comes to your company logo, you should never settle. This is because the logo alone can make a big difference to your brand.

Just think about it- your company logo is the face of your company, something that evokes an emotion in a person, and makes them think about the company. So, if it’s not up to the mark or attractive enough, or is simply unable to convey the right message across to your target audience, then it fails its purpose. Moreover- it comes in the way of building strong brand loyalty.

If you feel your company logo could be improved, then do whatever it takes to bring the change as it’s something you can’t afford to ignore.

  1. Personalized Customer Interactions

Top tech company Accenture found that customers love personalized offerings, although the businesses are failing to deliver.  In a report, it shared that 75% of the customers are more likely to buy from a retailer which remembers their name and/or their purchase history.

In other words, customers love companies that are able to offer a personal touch through personalized interactions, etc.

We are living in a world where everything is becoming digital, mechanical, and automated so much that a human touch has become invaluable. And that’s exactly what you need to provide to your customers to make them more loyal towards your company.

There are many ways to accomplish personalized service- special mentions on social media in public posts, personalized replies to their queries (social media, emails, etc.), personalized product recommendations, etc.


  1. Effective Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to reward your best customers and create a positive relationship with them. Although this system is usually found in the big retail chains in which they offer redeemable points, discounts, and other benefits to the customers who frequent their stores, it can also be applied to an online store as well.

Creating a good loyalty program can help you promote your brand and customer loyalty. However, it also makes sense to pursue your existing customers, as compared to acquiring new ones they are as much as 7 times cheaper to keep.

When you want to build a powerful company, it’s important to not just create a good brand but also nurture it through positive customer interactions and efforts towards increased customer loyalty. In that enterprise, the methods given above will certainly be of great help.



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